L’art de la
game room

In a style finely tuned to your interior, From Future Design will work with you from conceptualisation to complete installation of your gaming room.
Comfortable and ultra-functional, it's perfectly equipped to defy the rules of space and time.
The vintage meets the modernity while nostalgia shapes the future.
Furniture and objects, sound and light, colours and materials all come together to play the game.
You're where the virtual enhances the real, in a connected room conducive to recreational creativity.
This is your exclusive game room, the affirmation of your lifestyle with From Future Design.


"Together, let's create your own personalised world for an unparalleled experience and sensations."

To create your
game room exclusive,

the experience starts here!



In response to your aspirations, our craftsmen and experts bring you the magic of technique and design.
We offer you 360° support in five stages: design of the universe, purchasing, layout and decoration, lighting, hardware and software installation and configuration. From the moment your wish is born to the moment it becomes a reality, our teams are on hand to design your unique gaming environment: billiards, table football, pincab, car simulator, VR space, figurines, etc.


Enjoy the best immersive experiences by stimulating each of your senses with power and precision. Our selection of equipment focuses on combining design and performance. And to ensure we're always at the cutting edge of technology, we've teamed up with partners renowned for their talent, expertise and capacity for innovation. These include Mygale Sim Racing, Simlogic and Orbital Pinball.


From the interior design to the customisation of the software, everything is designed to reflect your unique vision of the game room.
Particular attention is paid to mods, which are essential for renewing and enhancing original games such as sim racing and pinball machines. So, from the traditional English lounge enhanced by the choice of its luxurious furniture to the dynamic and interactive experiential space, we cover a wide range of possibilities to offer you the best gaming experience at home!




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